“Cafe Overkill”

Owner: Richard Coasby
Make: Honda
Model: 550 K
Year: 1978

When you think of modifying an old Honda CB, the choice for many is the CB750, but recently, we’ve seen more examples of builders using the CB450 or the CB550 as a starting point, and it makes you wonder why we haven’t seen more of them before.

Godffery operates a little business out of his garage called Godffery’s Garage building and modifying bikes for his customers. He was considering a cafe project when a customer approached looking for something special. After questioning the customer and narrowing down what he had in mind, Godffery began work on a rough CB550 and his only restrictions were a red frame and a Benjis tank. With that kind of freedom, he began building and since the bike wasn’t pristine to begin with, he had no qualms about cutting off and tossing the unnecessary bits and pieces.

Check out the video of this Cafe bike on Cafe Racer’s TV show here